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Because Your Story is Unique,

Your Healing Program Must Be Unique  


The LUV Your Feelings Program will help you:


  • learn who you are and how you operate
  • understand the unconscious beliefs that are driving your behavior so you can make better choices
  • connect with all your different parts (subpersonalities) so you can create balance with the parts that are causing inner conflicts
  • respond instead of react to others that treat you unkindly or unfairly
  • connect with your true self so you stop letting others define you
  • grow spiritually for a deeper connection with yourself and with your loved ones
  • raise awareness of what others are experiencing so you no longer personalize their actions
  • build compassion for self and others for a more harmonious life
  • bring feelings of self-empowerment to your daily living
  • heal physical ailments resulting from unhealed emotions
  • become more motivated in your goals
  • have more confidence in your relationship with yourself and others
With the LUV Your Feelings Program, you will find yourself feeling better on every level of your being. You will finally let go of the emotional burdens that are weighing you down. Before you can fully heal, you must be able to make conscious what you have made unconscious. This program is designed to open awareness and create a deep level of understanding of why you are the way you are and how to change what is not allowing you to live your best life.



 LUV Your Feelings  

Your Feelings are Just a Way to Express Yourself



to Your Feelings:

When you feel yourself becoming tangled up in a web of uneasy feelings, it is a sign that something needs your attention. It’s time to Listen with an open heart and allow those feelings to be expressed. When we fail to express what is tearing us up inside, our bodies start to feel the stress of resistance. When we allow these feelings to be fully expressed, we release the pressure within us that is causing physical uneasiness. Many of us like to create our own distractions so we cannot hear those inner feelings calling out for attention. We do this on an unconscious level as a way to protect us from our pain. However, the pain is still inside and it is growing as time goes on. It may come out in a physical illness or it may come out in deep feelings of sadness or depression. There is no way to keep them locked up without some kind of unhealthy consequence. Unresolved emotions will find a way to manifest their pain through you.


 Your Feelings:

Create a bond with that little you inside that is holding onto those feelings of inadequacy. Understand that younger you did not have the cognitive ability to separate self from its environment so the environment became the self-image. Understand the level of consciousness of a child that remains active within you. What you understand now on a cognitive level is different than what you understood when you needed to be nurtured with feelings of love, affection and safety. Your thoughts and feelings when you were younger became distorted because they were based on fear of not being adequate so that you can be accepted, loved and cared for. This does not mean your primary caretakers were bad people. It only means that they were trying the best they could but sometimes it wasn’t enough for you. Sometimes you needed more assurances than they provided because they were unaware of your emotional needs, and they were struggling with their own emotional deficiencies.


 Your Feelings:

Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. These feelings keep showing up to let you know that you are neglecting what needs to be healed because you fear the real you, thereby allowing a false you to be created as a means of safety. It’s difficult to feel emotional pain again, especially when your body works so hard to keep that pain suppressed. Feelings that are inside of you that you keep pushing deeper down are trying to be validated by you. These feelings need recognition because they are real and they are in need of your support. When you resist these feelings, they keep coming up stronger and stronger as they look for a way to be noticed, validated and healed. This sometimes shows up in unhealthy behaviors and habits. When we resist our feelings, we cause them to push back at us for attention. Feelings are energy that needs to be released. If you validate your feelings, let your inner child know you are here to listen and that it’s OK to feel what you feel, the negative energy will be released from your body and you will feel lighter and happier.


   Deep Inner Healing Work is the Path to Happiness

It’s Time to Discover Yourself 



navalpic5Exploring the Unconscious Mind

The primary directive of the unconscious mind is to protect you from harm. Therefore, it holds you back from anything that may cause you emotional distress. When you experience an emotional trauma earlier in your life and it seemed too painful to handle at the time, you unconscious mind places that memory in a protective barrier where you won’t have easy access to it. This is a safety mechanism that is built into us so that we can continue to function in life. However, as life goes on, certain things happen that cause a trigger response to that hidden emotion, causing us to react to the fear of that emotion as if the trauma was happening to us again.  When this happens, we become over reactive to current circumstances by fighting back, running away or shutting down. Something in your current environment caused the unconscious mind to recall the original trauma. This reactive behavior is the unconscious mind warning you to protect yourself by immediately going into fight, flight or freeze response. The emotional part of your mind sends a signal to the survival part of your mind that there is trouble and you need to respond now. The body will respond automatically the same way it responded to the original trauma because the body sensations of the original trauma are recorded with the emotional trauma. When these parts of you remain unhealed, you continue to struggle with external triggers that will throw you into survival mode faster than you can blink your eyes and you will not know why it’s happening.

Having emotional barriers also causes you to play it safe in life, thereby limiting yourself in everything you do in order to avoid the possibility of these emotions being triggered. Unhealed emotions are like unfinished business. We cannot help, by human nature, wanting to have these emotions healed and tidy up our unfinished stuff, otherwise, we feel unorganized inside. However, we don’t know the cause of the emotions because the cause is being protected by the unconscious mind. If we are unaware of the reason we feel the way we feel, it makes it very difficult to let go of the feeling.  It’s important for your health on all levels to explore your unconscious mind. Without understanding and healing the conflicts that are causing disruptive feelings within you, you live with a very limited sense of awareness. When you have greater awareness of yourself, you have greater awareness of life. Therefore, life doesn’t pass you by because you feel lost, alone and misunderstood. You actually gain more control of your life because you are using your more intelligent brain and better sense of awareness, making life decisions with more clarity and higher consciousness. All of the emotional parts of you can become integrated into a state of harmony so you don’t feel fragmented. A part of you wants to feel it and heal it, and a part of you wants to keep those emotions bottled up because you fear what may show up if you explore the truth. This is called inner conflict and can be worked through in a compassionate and loving way with a parts therapy specialist.

shutterstock_364580423Inner Conflicts  

As human beings, we are meant to thrive and survive at the same time.  We have desires and we have fears. Many times these parts of us are in conflict and this conflict causes a battle within our mind. The part of you that is geared toward desire comes from your conscious awareness of what you would like to manifest in your life. Some of the fears you have about stepping into that desirable life may also be conscious. However, most of the fears that stop us from living the life we desire are in the unconscious part of the mind and out of conscious awareness.

Most of the unconscious thoughts that cause us conflict come from the parts of us that want to protect us from getting hurt. There parts are called your “protective parts” and they can be very stubborn. If we consciously desire an intimate relationship, but an unconscious fear of abandonment is protecting us from getting abandoned, it may prevent us from allowing ourselves to fully engage in an intimate relationship. We may desire a certain intimate partner, but unconsciously reject them if they get too close, or we may find ourselves in a relationship where we are always on guard, causing us to live with stress and anxiety every time our partner doesn’t call or comes home a little late. Inner conflicts arise when your conscious mind and subconscious mind don’t want the same thing for you. Your conscious mind wants you to thrive, while your unconscious mind won’t let you go beyond your comfort zone. Working with these conflicting parts is part of the healing process. These parts need to be in agreement for you to manifest what it is that you truly desire. This is why the Law of Attraction sometimes fails. In order for you to manifest what you desire consciously, your unconscious mind must be in agreement.

your-inner-childAge Regression

Did you ever hear the term “children are like sponges”?  Well, it’s true! Children absorb everything. Children are curious and they love to explore. Children are also very sensitive beings that require lots of nurturing and reassurances that they are lovable, significant, valuable and they belong in this world. Although it may seem like children easily let go of painful feelings, the opposite is true. Most children will suppress feelings that cause them to believe they are unworthy because these feelings are so scary to them.

Feelings of unworthiness cause a child to believe they will not be accepted by the family, and, therefore, rejected from their tribal base (on a primitive level). These feelings can arise from being scolded, neglected, witnessing family fights, divorce, death, absentee mother or father. These feelings can also come from traumas outside the home by a teacher or other authoritative figure that makes the child feel unworthy. These feelings are quite painful to a young mind who wants only to please those that care for them. Even if on an adult level it is believed that these traumas were not the fault of the adult as a child, the unconscious mind recorded the traumas on the level of the child’s perception of the trauma. The child mind does not understand that adults make mistakes, have their own traumas and project many of their inner fears and anger upon others, including children they are caring for. Children have nothing to compare the environment to; they only have what they are learning for the first time. Since children are primarily in survival mode, whenever something threatens that survival, like feeling unworthy of their caretakers love, attention or care,  they believe they must have done something to cause this to happen. Children have a tendency to turn everything in on themselves. This could be a survival tactic in itself because the child brain doesn’t want to believe that the people taking care of them are incapable of keeping them safe.

Age regression work is a gentle technique that helps guide the mind back to the source of the trauma so it can be healed at the root cause. Once healing takes place at the root cause, the trauma can no longer be triggered, and therefore, will no longer cause reactive behavior. During a regression session, you do not re-experience your pain, you simply observe it from your higher mind and you learn more about what really happened from an adult perspective and you help the child within you heal the painful emotions that were suppressed a long time ago.  One of the most beautiful things about regression work is the reconnection with your inner child; getting to know and love that little child that has been held in a place of shame for so long. You will feel a sense of freedom as the child in you is reborn and ready to explore the world again with an open heart and curious mind.

Unresolved emotional pain causes the body to become overwhelmed. Regression work is the fastest way to heal the emotional body. Memories from the past that were painful in some way carry the burden of emotional fears until those memories can be revisited and the feelings connected to them understood, validated and healed.


dreamstime_m_41203431Soul Level Healing – Discovery of the Self

We are mind, body and soul entities. We feel deeply with all parts of us. Some of our deepest wounds are carried in our soul. Dr. Carl Jung, the world renown Swiss Psychologist, said that we, as a collective humanity, share a collective consciousness. We absorb thoughts and feelings of others which will affect us on a deep soul level.

It has also been scientifically discovered that we carry the memories of our ancestors within our DNA. These memories can also affect us on a deep soul level.

If you believe that soul consciousness survives the physical body, you may believe in reincarnation, the return of soul consciousness into another physical body.

Soul level healing is healing that takes place with the information you receive from your own higher mind. In this higher mind, you will feel your energy body expanding and becoming more and more aware of the spiritual energies around you. You will be able to read the energy of your own soul and the energy of the people who are closest to you spiritually. This level of consciousness allows you to have an in depth understanding of the traumas that are held in the unconscious mind, how the soul is affected by these traumas and what the soul needs to heal on that deeper soul level. Your higher mind has more answers than any therapist in the world. You are the answer! Your higher mind and inner healer know what you are seeking in order to feel whole again. You will find those lost parts of you and reconnect with them from a place of higher understanding, unconditional love and a profound sense of support. You will feel what real love feels like and you will see all your obstacles to your greatness.

You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for soul level healing. Your deeper unconscious mind will bring whatever information you need to heal now. This information may show up in images, pictures, metaphors, a knowing, a feeling or a full story that feels like another lifetime. These memories could be something your mind created to help you understand yourself and your life today; or these memories could be memories from ancestors that were passed down to you; or possibly, you may be tapping into the collective unconscious and experiencing thoughts and feelings from memories of others; or, maybe, you are experiencing a past lifetime. It doesn’t matter how the information is being held in your unconscious mind, it is part of your unconscious mind and your higher mind can help you heal it. Self-discovery is a very important part of the LUV Your Feelings program. Without the understanding of these levels of consciousness, including soul consciousness, we cannot fully step out of survival consciousness and into our greatness.


images-2Survival Consciousness

It was once thought that we have one brain, but in the 1950’s, Dr. Paul MacClean, a doctor and researcher, theorized that we actually have three brains within our one brain. The lower part of the brain is referred to as the “primary brain” or “reptilian brain”. It is sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain because reptilians do not have emotions, they are always in full survival mode. Our reptilian brain is also always in survival mode. However, we operate from other parts of our brain as well, the emotional part of the brain (where we form judgments, preferences and attitudes) and the cognitive (thinking, analyzing, planning) part of the brain. All of the parts of our brain work with each other and sometimes against each other unknowingly.

When an emotion from an unconscious traumatic memory is triggered by the current environment, the emotional part of the brain sends a signal to the reptilian brain to let it know a trauma is occurring. The unconscious mind does not know that the trauma was in the past. The unconscious does not know time, nor does it know true or false, it only knows the information it recorded at the time of the trauma. The unhealed trauma remains in the unconscious mind as if it’s still happening. Traumas that remain unhealed stay active in the unconscious mind.

From the time you were born, and maybe before, your unconscious mind has been recording all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions, and all the beliefs you created about who you are and your place in this world. If, at any time during your younger life, you felt unlovable, insignificant, unwanted, like a disappointment or failure, not valuable, not belonging, neglected or abused emotionally or physically, then chances are your emotional brain sent a signal to your reptilian brain to go into survival mode.  The reason we go into survival mode is because we are relying on others to care for us. If we feel that we are not worthy of being taken care of, then we, on an unconscious survival level, believe we will not survive. What might seem like a small trauma to an adult can have a huge impact on a small child, which trauma stays active in the unconscious mind until it is healed, even into adulthood. The adult mind still processes the trauma like a child because the trauma was recorded on the emotional survival level of a child.

As an adult, whenever the unhealed traumas within us become re-activated from a trigger in our current environment, the emotional brain will send a signal to the reptilian brain to get into action, and the adult will go into survival mode and not know why they over reacted to the current situation. This happens because the unconscious mind is preparing the adult to fight for its life. Blood rushes through the arms and legs to give them strength to fight or flee. Sometimes the adult will become frozen in fear. Whatever coping skills were used for safety during the original trauma, those same coping skills are usually used for the current trauma, even if the current trauma doesn’t warrant such extreme survival coping, This is why some people act out like a child in an adult body.

mindfulnessMindfulness and Self-Hypnosis

To live life with less fear and more desire, you will need to train your brain to move out of survival mode and live life more from your cognitive thinking brain. Since your unconscious mind is holding all the unhealed traumas, it’s important to connect with the unconscious mind and give those unhealed emotions the attention and closure they need. Once you have resolved old traumas, which will be done with the LUV Your Feelings Hypnosis Portion of the Program, you will then learn how to use mindfulness practices to keep yourself in your cognitive brain and only use your reptilian survival brain when there is an actual threat to your life.

Using your thinking brain more allows you to use your intellect and desires to create the life you deserve. You will no longer be limited by internal conflicts and fears. You will have more clarity and more focus. However, the world can be a judgmental place with many people still living in survival mode, some of them being quite aggressive in their survival coping skills. No matter how well you take care of your mind, body and soul, you will always encounter those that are lost, filled with anger, hate and desire to hurt others. No matter how well you organize your life, there will be days that you may feel overwhelmed, which may cause you to become anxious. Mindfulness practices and self-hypnosis tools can help you release the pressures before they become too much to handle.

Mindfulness means being mindful of the moment and not focused on what happened in the past or what may happen in the future, but bring the mind to the current moment and deal with whatever is happening at that moment. There are certain techniques that can be used to bring your mind to the present moment. Once you have worked through your old traumas, you will find it easy to bring yourself into the current moment with the techniques that you will learn during the consultation phase of the LUV Your Feelings Program. You will also learn how to listen, understand and validate your feelings as they arise in a responsible manner so they don’t become suppressed.

During the program, you will learn how to do self-hypnosis so you can change your current negative self-talk. Many of us have been held back by limited beliefs about who we are, what we deserve and what we are capable of. With self-hypnosis, you guide yourself into a deep relaxed state and you give your unconscious mind the suggestions that are necessary for your desired outcome. The unconscious mind works with images and feelings and learns from repetition. You will learn how to create new thoughts and have these thoughts manifests into reality.

hypnosis girlWhat to Expect With Your Personalized Private Sessions

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?  During the hypnosis part of the session, you may feel a sense of lightness in your body. Your conscious mind will be very relaxed, but always alert. Your unconscious mind, also referred to as the subconscious mind, will become more alert than your conscious mind and will be available for you to explore. You can never do or say anything you don’t want to during hypnosis. No one can take control of your mind unless you let them. What you see on television is called stage hypnosis for entertainment purposes only. I do not practice stage hypnosis. I work with transformation hypnosis, which is working with your inner guidance and higher mind to help your resolve your own inner challenges.

What if I can’t come out of hypnosis?  You can always take yourself out of hypnosis whenever you want to. You are always in control of the session. You are not asleep during hypnosis. As a matter of fact, you are more awake than you have ever been because you unconscious mind controls over 90% of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. You will simply be focused inward and will consciously choose to stay in that place while you explore all those feelings.

What if I experience the trauma again? You will be guided to participate in the viewing of your life. You will not be in the scene, but will be an observer. You will learn about your inner conflicts, the feelings you have been holding onto, how those feelings affect your life now, what you higher mind suggests for healing, and how to use this information for your greater good.

What if I can’t remember anything?  You will remember everything! You will be having an open conversation with me, except you will be speaking from your higher consciousness. In the higher consciousness, you will not have any judgments about the experience, you will not analyze what you are noticing, you will just take in the information and your higher mind, together with my guidance, will find the resolutions to your inner conflicts, heal your inner pain, and learn more about the true you, so you can release the false you that you set up as a protection.

The Sessions:

During the hypnosis part of the session, you will feel like you are being guided into a deep meditation that takes you into your higher mind so you can explore your unconscious mind from a higher consciousness. I will be your guide to help you locate those pieces of your life that are in need of healing. As a board certified hypnotist trained in regression work, parts therapy (inner conflict healing) and soul level healing, you will be working with me in a safe and comfortable environment which will allow you to express all your unhealed emotions without fear, shame or judgment.  As you fully express what you have held back for so long, you will also be healing those parts of you that have felt lost, misunderstood and neglected. These are parts of you that need your attention so they no longer cause emotional conflicts within you.

During each subsequent session, we will again explore the unconscious mind from a higher perspective and continue to work through the unhealed traumas. We will also practice some self-hypnosis and mindfulness techniques together, so you have your own healing tools that you can use as you continue on your transformation journey. These tools are also valuable for anything in your life where you would like to create calmness or change.

Each individual private session will provide deep healing through hypnosis work and consultation in mindfulness, self-hypnosis and spiritual healing (the Heart of Healing). All the fears and beliefs that are keeping you from your best self will be worked through and healed at the source of origin.

Each individual session will build upon the prior session as you move through a profound transformation process. No matter what your challenges are, there are always underlying emotions that are intensifying them. I can help you find those emotions that are disrupting your ability to handle challenges with calmness and clarity. I will help you help yourself and give you the tools to continue on your journey to wholeness.

With more understanding and clarity of what is going on deep within you, you gain the opportunity to create the changes you desire. Without that inner awareness, you remain controlled by your unhealed emotions, causing fears to erupt and stress to intensify.

You have a powerful and intelligent mind, but parts of your mind are simply recording all of your fears, worries and self-judgments to your detriment. When our beliefs about ourselves and our environment are distorted and misunderstood, we tend to limit our ability to thrive and be successful in our lives, professionally, socially, intimately and spiritually.

How the LUV Your Feelings Program Works

additional support

Phone Consultation: We will begin with a complementary phone consultation to determine what your current challenges are, if this work will be effective for healing those challenges, and are we a good fit as a team. Before you make the commitment, I will answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we will discuss how the program works.

Sessions:  LUV Your Feelings Program consists of five (5) 2.0 hour private sessions one on one with me, as I guide you into a journey of transformation.

Our first session together will include a full consultation and hypnosis session.

Each following session will include a brief consultation to discuss what you experienced in the prior session and what changes you are noticing.

All five sessions will be scheduled on your first visit. Each session will be scheduled about one week apart. I understand that sometimes it may be necessary to cancel a session.  If you provide at least 24 hours prior notice of cancellation, the session may be cancelled and rescheduled without charge for a one time cancellation. Any cancellations thereafter will incur an additional charge of $50.00 unless you provide at least 72 hours prior notice of cancellation. I will do my best to remind you of your upcoming sessions. However, if you do not make your session and no notice is provided, the session will be deemed waived by you.

The full program is reduced. Therefore, full payment is provided at your first visit. If you wish to pay as you go, the discounted price will not apply. Sessions will be charged at the regular two hour session rate.

After five sessions, you will feel a complete shift in your thinking. You will have more compassion and a better understanding of yourself and others. You will be learning how your mind works, how to make it work in your favor and how to let go of what does not serve your highest good.

The LUV Your Feelings Program is life changing. However, the program is a commitment to yourself. You have to decide if you are worth the time and effort it will take to make these powerful changes in your life.


Are You Ready for Your Transformation Journey?

Will You Invest Your Time and Money into Your Own Well-Being? 



Contact me for all the details!











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